67th Myanmar Medical Conference 2021 Request for Proposals for Online Platform


67th Myanmar Medical Conference 2021

Request for Proposals for Online Platform

Myanmar Medical Association will be holding 67th Myanmar Medical Conference from 23 – 25 January 2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this conference will be hosted virtually.


As the largest CPD/CME provider of Myanmar, we believe it is appropriate to host a virtual conference for our members

and the industry at large.


This request for proposal is subject to change as things adjust with regards to legislation and the guidelines around us

doing business continues to evolve.


Several platforms may be used in order to deliver this conference. Please ensure that all platforms you are suggesting are clearly indicated and for which section of the conference.



The proposed dates for the conference are

  23rd January, 2021 (Saturday)   8 hours
  24th January, 2021 (Sunday)   8 hours
  25th January, 2021 (Monday)   8 hours


We are considering a three day / eight hours per day for the formal programme.



Pre-Event (Marketing)

We would like to start building the energy and expectation before the ‘doors’ open. While the actual event will show the increased relevance of MMA as the leading medical professional association to our doctors, we first have to get them there.

This means the pre-event elements need to:

  • Pique their curiosity
  • Create excitement
  • Give them just enough information so that they are intrigued by what is to come and do not see it as another ‘webinar’ or conference.


The elements we need to create are:

    • Overview of the objectives of the conference
    • Introduce content and speakers
    • Introduce and justify format (three days with eight hours per day).


    • Featuring welcome video by MMA and Previous MMA Conference Image
    • Overview the agenda
    • Payment

MPU, Wave, KBZ, Visa/Master, Mobile Banking Transfer

  • Explanation of platforms, and any elements they need to sort out prior to the start (apps to download, etc.)


    • We need insights and so will need to ask about:
      • Biggest worries
      • Biggest excitements
      • What do they most want to hear about?



  • FORMAL PROGRAMME (Academic Symposia)

Platform – live streaming (Easy access to different speaker sessions at the same time, up to 3 live sessions simultaneously)

Log in page (visual and login details, custom authorized access to webinar with secured password)

Event setup (Zoom-Webinar – up to 3,000 attendees)

  • Panel discussions
  • Key-note presentations
  • Parallel sessions
  • Plenary sessions
  • Poster Exhibition &
  • Paper reading sessions


Hosting and execution

Log in management

Backend data collating

Trouble shooting

Show running and dry run

Managing and uploading files

Lobby area (Agenda Download, Poster Area, Photo Booth Selfie, Stall Area Ambience Music, Dynamic Screen, Interactive Booth/Stall, Gamification)
Auditorium – Main Stage (3D Stage Designing, Branding, Panel Discussion, Download Certificate, Speaker & Moderator, Ask Questions Button Polling and Quiz
  • FORMAL Programme (Booth)
  • Booth Display Video from Companies / Medical Trade Fair


  • Activities Booth



What is critical is the event does not end once we close the show on the last day. Over the following weeks we will share key snippets from the events reminding delegates of important points and to call them to action.

We would also possibly include a post-event meet up a month later to get feedback on what our members have achieved as a result of their attendance to the conference and what they had learnt.

Download Certificate

Custom authorized access to record video with secured Password

Hosting for 2 months (January – February)


Innovation, creativity, and price are the key factors for the awarding of this tender.

Proposals should reflect each cost as a line item and include a detailed description of that service or product so that the committee has a clear understanding of what is being offered.

The committee may choose to make use of several suppliers for this virtual conference in order to utilize what they deem to be the best of the best out of the proposals.



A committee will be formed to evaluate each proposal received. A shortlist may be selected for further discussions before a final decision is made.


Proposals Submission Deadline – 14 November 2020

Proposals Evaluations – 21 November 2020

Short List Notification – 23 November 2020

Short List Discussions –  24 November 2020



Ensure that the following documentation or information is included in your submission. If you will be entering into a joint venture or collaboration for this conference, please ensure all companies documentation has been included:

  • Tax Clearance Certificate

In-line with the brief provided for the proposed virtual conference, please ensure that the submission framework below includes those components. In addition, feel free to highlight additional services you may have to add value to the conference and the costs associated with this service or product.

Submission Framework: No more than 15 pages excluding CVs of Team Members.

Section A: Company profile

Please limit to no more than two pages. CV’s or resumes will not count toward the page limit.

1.       Provide a description of your business.

2.       Please provide information on company size, number of employees.

3.       CV’s or resumes of key personnel – in a leading paragraph, please indicate how much time each person(s) will devote to this project and what other projects this person (s) undertake at the same time.

Section B: References

A description of the types and sizes of client organizations served, as well as a sample client list indicating the type of services rendered

Respondents should provide references as follows:

1.       At least three (3) examples of relevant work within the past year.

2.       At least two (2) organizations to which you recently submitted awarded bids within the past year.

3.       The contact information should include the contact name, phone number, e-mail address, and website address.

References may be contacted as part of the evaluation process

Section C: Technology

1.       Describe your ability to support hybrid virtual events including live feed, etc.

2.       Describe your audio, video (live streaming) functionality, and where these technologies can be utilized within an event.

3.       Please describe what audio and video formats you support.

4.       Describe the controls your company has in place to ensure that data provided by MMA and our users is protected.

5.       Does your solution provide an option for participants to distribute material such as Power points?

6.       Does an event participant have the ability to add the entire event as well as individual event?

7.       Describe your ability to rebroadcast hybrid events for post event content.

8.       Does your solution allow for animation and embedding video into Power Point?

9.       Describe the method to create/facilitate the Virtual booth display exhibited by supporting Partners/Companies.

Section D: Social/Collaboration Ability

1.       Describe your tool’s ability to allow users to chat with Speaker/Fellow Attendees during the event.

2.       Is there white boarding functionality?

3.       Describe your tool’s ability to integrate with other social networking tools, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. What other social features do you offer?

Section E: Customer Service

1.       What type of customer support is available for event development before and during a virtual event?

Section F: Staffing

1.       Indicate how you would staff the virtual conference, including the number of staff who you would have on-site for the virtual event. What are options for reducing staff cost.

Section G: Pricing

1.  Provide an itemized listing of your proposed pricing.

2.  State where there may be extra fees for either customizations or extra services.



 Respondents interested in providing the services described above should submit a proposal following the prescribed

format in the Submission Requirements section of this RFP.


Adherence to the proposal format by all respondents will ensure a fair evaluation with regard to the needs of MMA (Yangon). Respondents who do not follow the prescribed format may be deemed non-responsive.


All proposals must be sent to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

by the deadline 14 November, 2020 at 4:00 pm and late submissions will not be accepted.

For Further Information, Please contact:

Prof. Chit Soe

Ph No. 09 5072363