Myanmar Medical Association-MMA TB-Project အတြက္Field Coordinator (Scheme III),  (1) post ၀န္ထမ္းအလိုရွိသည္။

Myanmar Medical Association-MMA TB-Project Re-announcement

Post Field Coordinator (Scheme III),  (1) post
Responsible for areas K yaukphyu Township (Rakhine State)
Starting Date 26.6.2018
Duration July to December 2018 (3 months probation) and extendable
Vacancy Number 1/2018/MMA  TB Project
Vacancy Opening Date 26.6.2018
Vacancy Closing Date 10.7.2018


 Salary MMK 450,000  per month


Functional and Hierarchical Lines

  • Hierarchically accountable to: Project Coordinator of MMA TB project
  • Functionally accountable to: Assistant Project Coordinator and respective Project Officer of MMA TB project.


Position Profile:

  • Field Coordinator is responsible for field activities as needed under the guidance of respective Project Officer, Assistant Project Coordinator and Project Coordinator of MMA TB Project.


Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for overall management of project activities in respective townships including:

  • Establishment and Strengthening the referral and feedback system & the case screening and holding process
  • To ensure proper & systematic drug supply chain management.
  • To facilitate the additional activities of MMA PPM TB Project.
  • Establishment of good recording and reporting system
  • To supervise Field Assistant, Community Facilitator (PCF) and MDR support volunteers.
  • Take other related duties and assigned duties by MMA PPM TB project.


Tasks for FCs

  1. Establishment and Strengthening the referral and feedback system & TB case finding and holding system
  • To make a schedule for monthly work plan including the supervisory visits to GPs (clinics).
  • To conduct supervisory visits at least once a month reaching to every GP implementers to monitor, organize, support , encourage to refer or treat TB and coordinate with NTP staff in regular manner or as required.
  • To recruit & implement the new GP clinics as soon as there is a new GP and send the updated GP list to central office.
  • Update, complete and review the township TB Suspects Register to identify any problem with case detection.
  • Assess performance of TB Case detection and treatment by implementing GPs to identify problem; analyze causes and possible solutions.
  • Undertake also the following function:
  • to send the Scheme I feedback regularly from NTP to GPs
  • to make the list of presumptive TB referral for each respective GP monthly GPs
  • to take in charge of tracing absentee referred from GPs to NTP , defaulter tracing & contact tracing.
  • to check & support the project’s HE materials in clinics as necessary
  • to give quarterly and monetary incentive to GPs.
  • to get the regular follow up of TB patients for sputum recheck.


  1. To ensure efficient Drug management.

To ensure smooth drug flow between National TB Programme (NTP) and Private Practitioners

  • To indent drugs from NTP and issue accordingly to PPs in time and coordinate with NTP for any discrepancies and to keep all relevant documents (invoice, receipt, vouchers etc).
  • To keep in order (accurate and timely) of drug register/stock book and send a quarterly drug balance report to central office.
  • To check carefully the expiry date & being stock out of drugs and supply the drug stock in time.


  1. Facilitate the additional activities of MMA TB Project
  • Cooperation & Coordination




Promote DOTS strategy to GPs and collaborate with them.

  • To visit NTP at least once a month and as necessary for verifying and updating the data for having quality data.
  • To discuss with NTP for referral problems, diagnosis or treatment issues and drug management problems.
  • To organize joint visits with NTP to GP clinics.
  • To facilitate the visits of NTP, GF, UNOPS and other international organization as necessary.
  • To get awareness with other organizations and enhance coordination with those organizations and health related volunteers


    1. Training , Advocacy , Meeting
  • To organize and assist trainings, advocacy, monitoring & supervision processes conducted by MMA PPM TB Project.
  • To facilitate PPM monthly/quarterly meetings among NTP, PPs, DOT providers, etc.
  • To follow up the recommendations of the meetings and to report to NTP & Central office for necessary actions.


  • Patient Support

To facilitate the patient support activities of the project

-CXR & Transportation charges to poor patient

– Nutrition support to TB register patient

– MDR patient support

– Transportation charges to National AIDS programme for TB patients with HIV test result-positive

  • Community based activities
  1. Community awareness raising on MDR TB
  2. To organize the community orientation session with field assistant and PPM community facilitator.
  • Facilitate TB-HIV & MDR TB support activity of MMA PPM TB as necessary
  • Presumptive MDR TB referral
  • Standardized patient support package including the financial support of evening dots volunteers.
  • Community awareness raising on MDR TB
  • Promote HIV counselling & testing to all register TB patient by GPs or by own.


  • Recording and Reporting.
  • Make a schedule for supervisory visits to GPs (clinics) & own work plan and write a report with travel approval form, statement of facts for salary.
  • Write a report of a supervisory visit with Report Forms (Certificate of expenditure and Activity record).
  • Complete the record of Referral and Feed-back of presumptive TB patients and send the monthly data report to central office.
  • Maintain the MMA PPM TB- register; register the patients who were detected, at later supervisory visits, record their follow-up sputum examination results and, finally determine their treatment outcomes and send the quarterly TB register report to central office.
  • In addition, the other reports such as program, financial & logistic reports have to be sent on monthly / quarterly basics, accurately and timely together with the above reports.
  • Supervise and organize the reports of Field Assistant, PPM community facilitator (PCF) if any, Runner of Sputum collection center (SCC) if any and EQA report of Lab. Technician if any.


  • Must be a graduated from a recognized medical university (M.B.,B.S)
  • Must have at least one year experience in Clinical management.
  • Must be able to travel for project activities as required.
  • Must be enthusiastic, energetic and able to work for long hours
  • Must be in good health.
  • Life member of MMA.
  • Must be proficient in English Language.
  • Must be flexible and have an empathetic attitude and team spirit.
  • Motivated to work in the field and remote areas.


Application should be addressed to Program Management Department, Myanmar Medical Association.


Please send your signed application in the prescribed form together with updated CV educational credentials and reference to PMD,Myanmar Medical Association at 249, Theinbyu Road, Mingalartaungnyunt Township, Yangon ,in person or by post and advance copy by  email to  [email protected],[email protected] not later than 10th   July,2018.



Only short-listed candidates will be invited for interview: Telephone inquiries will not be answered.

(Please attach photocopies of original documentations.)

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Field Coordinator (Scheme III), (1) post