Myanmar Medical Association was founded in 1949. It is an independent medical professional organization registered under Home Ministry. It stands for professional integrity and loyalty. Our professional members are involved in academic and technical activities with the association. Myanmar Medical Association has democratically elected Executive Committee with 43 specialty societies and over 80 State and Regional and Townships medical association branches.

At 1949, Dr. Shwe Thwin organized the doctors in Yangon to develop the proper setup of Burma Medical Association. General body meeting was carried out a total 37 doctors on 12th March 1949 in Yangon. At 13th May 1949, constitution was smoothed out by committee and approved on 9th December 1949. Burma Medical Association logo was designed with a shield, two snakes and a lion on top. We got recent premises of Yangon MMA on 11th August 1950. Annual general meeting was held on 27th January 1951 and next election of EC was done.



Presidents (1949 to 2021)
Dr. U Shwe Thwin (Founder of MMA) , First founder and first secretary of MMA.

  1. Dr. Colonel Ba Thaw,
    First Myanmar Doctor of Colonel after World War II.
  2. Dr. U Ba Than Chein
  3. Dr. U Maung Gale
  4. Dr. U Ba Than
  5. Dr. U Min Sein
  6. Dr. Yin May
  7. Dr. U Maung Maung Gyi
  8. Dr. T. Chan Taik
  9. Dr. Sein Maung
  10. Dr. U Shwe Zan
  11. Dr. U Ko Gyi
  12. Dr. U Ba Than (Setkya)
  13. Dr. U Khin Maung Win
  14. Dr. U E
  15. Dr. U San Lwin
  16. Dr. Colonel Maung Maung Than
  17. Dr. U Pe Kyin
  18. Dr. U Aung Thein
  19. Dr. U Kyaw Maung
  20. Dr. Daw Hla Kyi
  21. Dr. U Maung Maung Aye
  22. Dr. U Maung Maung Taik
  23. Dr. U Shwe Tin
  24. Dr. Daw Myat Kyi Than
  25. Dr. U Hla Myint
  26. Dr. U Khin Maung Nyein
  27. Dr. U Tin U
  28. Dr. U Thet Hta Way
  29. Dr. Daw Kyu Kyu Swe
  30. Dr. U Ye Myint (Cardiac Surgeon)
  31. Dr. U Myo Myint (Ortho Surgeon)
  32. Dr. U Kyaw Myint Naing (Ortho Surgeon)
  33. Dr. U Rai Mra
  34. Dr. U Htin Aung Saw