• Continuing medical education and promote latest medical knowledge to doctors
  • Continuing professional development by training programs and improve quality of health care of the people
  • Maintaining professional medical ethics among our colleagues and the people we care

Myanmar Medical Association involvement in MDGs Activities

  • To reduce Maternal and Child mortality through
  • Reproductive health projects
  • HIV/AIDS projects in maternal and child health
  • Obstetric and Pediatrics emergency training for community doctors
  • Role in private sector development (e.g PPM policy of TB and Malaria)

Educational Strategies

Quality and Evidence based. Patient oriented life-long learning approach

Public health Strategies

Private-Public Mixed with strong commitment to public empowerment inline with National Health Policy and its strategies.

Main Functions

  1. Organization and Administration at all levels
  2. Continuous professional development for all doctors
  3. Emergency medical relief for natural disasters
  4. Providing health education to general public  of  Implementing  22 public health projects in line with national health care policy in various health problems of Myanmar
  5. Extending the fraternal ship with neighboring countries as well as outside the region

Role of Myanmar Medical Association

  • Increasing identity and leadership in local and INGOs
  • Appreciated and well supported by the Ministry of Health
  • Gaining commitment and public empowerment
  • Developing human resources and capacity building at all level
  • Enhancing duties and responsibilities for the members’ rights as well as for the public
  • Glooming professional skill and management
  • Binding global and regional network

International Relationship

  • Member of MASEAN since (1996)
  • Professor Kyaw Myint Naing, President of MMA served as a president of MASEAN during 2010-2111.
  • Member of CMAAO (Confederation of Medical Association in South East Asia and Oceania) since 2009
  • Member of World Medical Association (WMA) since 2012  as  111th   member nation
  • Member of International Foundations and Societies by member speciality societies of Central MMA
  • Professional Relationship with neighbor countries as well as outside the regions

Partner Organization

  • Partnership with INGOs, social and funding agencies, disaster management teams, and other civil societies
  • United Nations for Population Fund (UNFPA)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United Nations Office for Program Services (UNOPS)
  • UNDP
  • Three Diseases Fund (3D)
  • Global Fund (GF)
  • German Fund
  • Population Services International (PSI)
  • Bill Gate & Melinda Foundation (BGMF)
  • The Nippon Foundation (Japan)
  • International NGOs (WVI, PSI, MDM, Care Myanmar)

MMA’s Health Professional Alliance

  • Dental (MDA)
  • Health Assistants (MHA)
  • Nurses and Midwives (MNMA)
  • Radiographers (MRA)
  • Medical Technicians (MMTA)
  • Pharmacist (MPA)
  • Physiotherapists (MPA)