ACF TB Project

Funding agency 3MDG
Project period 1/4/2014 to 31/12/2016 (1/1/2017 to 30/6/2017 is under negotiation)


  • To empower community health volunteers in TB prevention and care activities for
    reduction of TB disease burden in community.
  • To increase early case detection and prompt treatment of hidden TB cases in urban
    poor areas, rural areas and industrial zones.
  • To increase the community awareness of TB.


Unlike passive case finding by receiving suspected cases at health facility, the health care providers seek the patients actively in risk population like migrants, people with HIV, displaced people and those at hard to reach areas.


Community based active case finding.
Our main strategies to control tuberculosis (TB) are –

  • To detect Tuberculosis early and to support people with active disease to getearly appropriate treatment.
  • To transmit correct and complete information about TB to community.
  • To impart advocacy and health education to factory administrators, community leaders, volunteers and public
  • To conduct monitoring and supervision visits into fields of project areas

Other activities

  • AEI and CS (Accountability, Equity, Inclusion and Conflict Sensitivity)

Area coverage 12 townships in 4 Regions
Population covered total population 643,892

MMA ACF TB Project

Myanmar Medical Association

Active Case Finding TB Project

            Active Case Finding (ACF) is a way of looking for TB cases systematically rather than waiting for people to develop symptoms and seek treatment.

MMA ACF TB Project is a community-based TB care and implementing in (11) townships and Shwepyitha industrial zones. Active case findings via community health volunteers (CHVs) and referred to THD/NTP or MMA PPM TB scheme III GPs.

CHVs are selected with the help of THD and local authority. Then they are trained in line with national guideline to find the presumptive TB cases. Moreover, MMA ACF CHVs can perform the DOT supervision, coordinating with corresponding BHSs. In addition, CHVs conduct the health education sessions to general population on monthly basic to increase community awareness of TB.

In Shwepyitha industries, all industrial workers are TB-screened with the help of NTP mobile team and presumptive TB symptoms checklist.

Based on the project’s objectives, accountability, equity and social inclusion (AEI) concepts are linked with project cycle management.


Strategy – Community-based TB care

Funded by 3 MDG, Project Period – April 2014 – June 2017


  1. To empower the community health volunteers in TB prevention and care activities
  2. To increase early case detection and prompt treatment of hidden TB cases in urban poor, rural areas and industrial zone
  3. To increase the community awareness of TB

(12) Implementing Townships

Yangon Region Coverage Population Trained CHVs
Kyaktan 47,626 30
Kayan 50,525 33

(Industrial Zone)


(Factory workers)



Manadalay Region Coverage Population Trained CHVs
PyinOoLwin 59,487 41
Myittha 51,614 34
Sintgaing 33,978 22
Taungtha 65,376 43
Nahtogyi 48,148 37
Yamelthin 66,072 44
Pyawbwe 74,339 52


Ayeyarwaddy Region Coverage Population Trained CHVs
Kangyidaunt 43,332 33


Magway Region Coverage Population Trained CHVs
Magway 93,090 57


Human Resources

MMA-PMD (Share with other projects)

  1. HR/Admin Manager
  2. Finance Manager
  3. M&E Officer

Central Office – (11) staffs

  1. Project Manager – (1)
  2. Senior Project Officer – (1)
  3. AEI Officer – (1)
  4. Operation Coordinator – (1)
  5. Project Officer – (1)
  6. Assistant Project Officer – (2)
  7. Finance Assistant – (1)
  8. Admin, Logistic and Procurement Assistant – (1)
  9. Office Assistant – (1)
  10. General Worker – (1)

Field Office – (24) staffs

  1. Field Medical Officer – (12)
  2. Field Assistant – (12)
  3. Trained Volunteers – (435)

HR support to Upper Myanmar TB mobile Team

  1. Team Leader – (2)
  2. X-ray Reader – (2)
  3. X-ray Technician – (4)
  4. Lab Technician – (2)
  5. Data Assistant – (2)
  6. Counselor – (2)
  7. Driver – (1)

Project Activities

  1. State and Regional level Advocacy/ Coordinating Meeting
  2. Township level Advocacy Meeting
  3. Recruited and Trained CHVs / Refresher Training
  4. HE session to increase community awareness of TB
  5. Presumptive TB referral to THD/NTP by CHVs
  6. TB screening at Shwepyitha Industrial Zones
  7. DOT supervision
  8. Contact tracing / Initial loss and defaulter tracing
  9. Regular Monitoring and Supervision of all project staffs
  10. Quarterly coordinating meeting (Field Staffs, Volunteers, THD/NTP, Other IPs)
  11. AEI&CS – Community Meeting/ FGD
  12. Organizational Capacity Development

Contact mail :[email protected]

Activities Photo of MMA ACF TB Project