Humanitarian Response Project (Rakhine)

Funding Agency UNFPA and Relief International (RI)
Objective To support people affected by natural or manmade disasters

Brief History

Since 2010, the project has been supporting in Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Primary Health Care to internally displaced people (IDP) of both Rakhine and Bengali people living in camps and villages in Rakhine State.

In 2015, the SRH and primary health care are being provided with funding by UNFPA and RI.
In 2016 funded by UNFPA started from 1/1/2016 to 31/12/2016 as in Humanitarian component (Reproductive Health) with the objective of to provide Reproductive Health services and to romote emergency obstetric care through strengthening of provision of Reproductive Health commodities to public health facilities in the project areas.

Strategy        Opening a Reproductive Health Care Centre in Sittwe operating mobile reproductive clinic in selected villages and Camps of Sittwe for reproductive aged women and new born child.


  • Reproductive Health Care Centre (Static) in Sittwe.
  • Provision of SRH service through outreach mobile activities in Sittwetownship especially to Camps.
  • Distributing activity (RH Kits) to poor high risk pregnant women and women of reproductive age.
  • Referring and supporting high risk reproductive aged women to Hospital level.

Area coverage          2 Rakhine camps, 10 non-Rakhine camps and 25 villages in Sittwe township.


RH – Rakhine Humanitarian Project (2019)