Youth Development Project

Funding agency UNFPA
Brief History Started in 2003 April, own initiative.
UNFPA supported some activities after 2005.
Become project in 2007 supported by UNFPA.
Supported by UNFPA , UNESCO


  • To disseminate basic health knowledge among youth and motivate them adopting healthy behaviors.
  • To equip youth with leadership skills to enhance youth participation in youth programme and other youth development activities
  • To create youth-friendly environment where youth can build their capacity for future development.


15-24 years of age youth in 10 States and Regions.
Mobile application covered whole country.

  1. Trainings
    1. Basic Training (Happy and Health Adolescent Life) (122 session, 5332 trainees)
    2. Skill Development Training (37 sessions, 1443 trainees)
    3. Youth Leadership Development Training (22 sessions, 839 trainees)
    4. Capacity Development for Project Staff
  2. Peer Education to the General Youth (2726 sessions, participants 27260)
  3. Special events for promoting HIV/AIDS Knowledge
  4. Participation in Youth Events
  5. Production of training aids and materials
  6. Telephone Counselling on HIV/ARH
  7. Dissemination of ARH and HIV information through mass media (website, FM radio, Story DVD, Anyeint DVD, HIV Song Karaoke DVD, TV series DVD)
  8. Centre-based youth activities
  9. Social services (own funded)