Myanmar Society of Hypertension


  1. Public health education on Hypertension.
  2. Reduction in prevalence of Hypertension.
  3. Provision of effective treatment for patients with Hypertension.
  4. Reduction in complications of Hypertension.



  1. Development and regular updating of Myanmar National Guidelines on Hypertension.
  2. Conducting scientific talks, symposiums, and panel discussions on Hypertension management.
  3. Public health education on Hypertension to celebrate World Hypertension Day every year and on other occasions.
  4. Research in Hypertension.
  5. Collaboration with Ministry of Health and Sports, W.H.O Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) projects in prevention and treatment of Hypertension.
  6. Collaboration with other NCD Organizations related to Hypertension.
  7. Collaboration with regional and International Hypertension Societies.
  8. Provision of treatment for patients with Hypertension.
  9. Seeking technical, material and financial assistance from international organizations for health education, prevention, and treatment of Hypertension.
  10. Establishment of Myanmar Hypertension Association (or ) Myanmar Hypertension Foundation in the future which includes not only doctors but also nurses, medical technicians, Pharmaceutical producers, media and public.


Total No of EC – 31 (file attached with this email for contact information)

Members of MMSH – 202

Academic activities

– Public Talk (Yangon and Mandalay on 2 Nov 2019 and 25th Jan 2020)

– Symposium on Hypertension (Yangon 15 Dec 2019) (Loikaw Feb 2019) Kalay (11 mar 2020)  (Hakha 13 Mar 2020)

– MMSH Anniversary webinar on hypertension (Yangon 5th July 2020)

-MMSH Facebook educational activities to Public and for doctors

Organization Set-up

(December 2023)

President : Professor Ye Myint
Secretary (1) : Professor Hein Yarzar Aung
Secretary (2) : Professor Aung Kyaw Thu