Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society

Myanmar Medical Association

Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society


Central Executive Committee (2023-2024)


President Prof. Khin May Thin
Vice President Prof. Aye Aye Tint
Secretary General Prof. Myat Chit Swe
Treasurer Prof. Khin Latt


Committee Chairs


Academic Committee – Prof. Thin Thin Myat

International Relation Committee – Prof. Cherry San

News, Information and Documentation Committee – Prof. May Myo Kywe

Social Committee – Prof. Mya Mya Aye



Contact Address

Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society
Myanmar Medical Association
Teaching block, Central Women’s Hospital, Yangon
51, Baho Road, Lammadaw Township, Yangon Division, Union of Myanmar, Postal code: 11131
Phone: (95) 1-222804, 222805, 222806, 222811, ext: 144, 152
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.myanmarogsociety.org

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Management Guidelines, Second edition, 2024


OG Management Guidelines 2024 E book